The following is the contact information for some of the administrative offices in the Chancery, and some Diocesan Services. Where not indicated, the offices can generally be reached through the address of the Bishop’s House. In addition to any other address given, all offices can also be reached through the address: Bishop’s House, Kumbo P.O. Box 115 Kumbo, North West Region, Cameroon.

Office of the Chancellor

Phone: (+237) 6-5472-3636
Rev. Eugene Ngah, S.D. - Chancellor

Office of the Bishop

Email: dioecesiskumboensis@gmail.com
Rt. Rev. George Nkuo - Diocesan Bishop
P.O.Box 115 Kumbo
Sr. Bella Lemven, T.S.S.F. - Secretary to the Bishop

Bishop’s House

P.O. Box 115 Kumbo,
North West Region, Cameroon.
Fixed Phone: (+237) 2-3322-1149
Email: dioecesiskumboensis@gmail.com
Sr. Laurantine Ghakanyuy, T.S.S.F. - Receptionist

Diocesan Communications Service

Phone: (+237) 6-8377-0967
Email: dicoskumbo@gmail.com
Rev. Elvis Nsaikila W. Njong, S.D. - Coordinator

Catholic Printing Press Kumbo

Phone: (+237) 6-5096-1021
Email: pcckumbo@gmail.com
Sr Vera Otia, HHCJ - Manager

Catholic Book Centre

Phone: (+237) 6-7920-1825
Sr. Emmanuella Mua, H.H.C.J. - Manager
Joan Mary Dule - Sales Agent

Radio Evangelium Kumbo

Phone: (+237) 6-8109-9882 (studio)
(+237) 6-5209-5286 (Station Management)
Email: kumbo.re@gmail.com
Rev. Elvis Nsaikila W. Njong, S.D. - Station Manager, Director of Programmes
Chrysantus Fondzewong - Technician
Marinus Burinyuy - Technician
Edwin Kilofenyuy - Reporter

Diocesan Finance Office

Email: finsec2@hotmail.com
Rev. Oliver Shey Ndi, S.D. - Diocesan Finance Administrator
Sr. Nicole Nchanji, T.S.S.F. - Book keeper

Diocesan Pastoral Formation Team

Rev. Cornelius Nyuyki, S.D. - Coordinator
Ngong Vitalis Njobe - Member
Chemo Godlove - Member

Diocesan Pastoral Institute

Phone: (+237) 6-8072-3543
Rev. Cornelius Nyuyki, S.D. - Director

St Jerome Biblical and Pastoral Centre, Kumbo

Sr Martha Banda, SJB - Administrator
Sr Ngoza Chilende, SJB - Bursar, Secretary

Bishop’s House

P.O. Box 115 Kumbo,
North West Region, Cameroon.
Fixed Phone: (+237) 2-3322-1149
Email: dioecesiskumboensis@gmail.com
Sr. Laurantine Ghakanyuy, T.S.S.F. - Receptionist

Diocesan Youth Office

P.O. Box 13 Kumbo,
North West Region, Cameroon
Phone: (+237) 6-7950-2500
(+237) 6-6792-9795
(+237) 6-9920-7374

Rev. Francline J. Banadzem, S.D. - Diocesan Youth Chaplain
Chop Paul Ache - Secretary
Wirsiy Winifred Biy - Receptionist/Catering

Diocesan Vocations Office

Rev. Kilian Nyohnunfon, S.D. - Vocations Director

Vocations Promotion Team

Sr. Marivella Condez, F.D.Z.
Sr. Mercy Birshu Ngong, S.S.T.
Sr. Vera Otia, H.H.C.J.
Sr. Lucyna Wadja, C.S.S.M.A.
Sr. Lina D. Cruz, F.C.
Sr. Marie Nadine Maboul, D.L.M.C.
Sr. Marie Marcelline Kibong, D.L.M.C.
Br. Milkesedeck Kiamo, Sch.P.
Rev. Frederick Kojika Sahfe, O.F.M. Cap.
Sr. Janet Fanka, S.U.S.C.

Diocesan Justice and Peace Office

Phone: (+237) 6-747-13305
Email: djpc1@yahoo.com
Website: justiceandpeacekumbo.org
Sr Vanaja Jasphine, I.C.M. - Coordinator
Lukong Isidore Njodzenyuy - Assistant Coordinator, Jurist
Fonka Yvonne - Secretary, Animator
Nyingka Marcel Nyuyie - Animator
Sr. Lucie Mekoulou Me-Zambo, C.N.D. - Accountant

Diocesan Secretariat for Education

Email: edseckumbo@gmail.com
Rev. Anthony D. Lawir, S.D - Diocesan Education Secretary
Kinyuy Jeanette - Receptionist, NSIF/DIPE Attendant
Eric Vershiyi - Office Secretary/Clerk
Tardzenyuy Eugene Bimela - Mobile Catechetical Team
Marius Berinyuy Verye - Pedagogic Animator
Woye Odilia Balan - Finance Controller (Primary Schools)

Diocesan Family Life Office

Phone: (+237) 6-5128-6667
Email: dflokumbo@yahoo.com
Sr. Mercy Muthoni, M.S.H.R - Coordinator
Rev. John Ndi, S.D. - Chaplain
Falon Gloria - Administrative Assistant
Sr. Elizabeth Ngwemboh, H.H.C.J. - Accountant

Social Welfare/CARITAS Office

Email: diswe.kumbo@gmail.com
Website: www.caritaskumbo.org
Rev. Daniel Ache, S.D. - Coordinator
Rev. Divine Fossoh Esua, S.D.- Assistant Coordinator
Tohtin Eucharia Shiynuy - Administrative Secretary
Tan Pamella - Programme Officer for Health and Sanitation
Yenika Kemuka Karen - Programme Officer for Catchment Protection
Salamatu Nyuybin - Gender and Advocacy Officer

Youth for Life (YFL)

Stephen Verla Kigha - Coordinator

Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)

Stephen Verla Kigha - Coordinator

Community Based Organization

Kini Jessica - Coordinator

Integrated Family Life Education programme (IFLEP)

Sebastian/Clarise Boyibe - Coordinators

Single Parents

Joan Kongnyuy - Coordinator
Rose Berka - Assistant Coordinator

Marriage Encounter Programme

Marinus/Regina Dzelamonyuy - Coordinators

Chastity Education for Youths

Stephen Verla Kigha - Leader

Marriage Enrichment Programme

Julius/Marion Buven - Coordinators

Rescue and Rehabilitation

Stephen Verla Kigha - Coordinator
Kini Jessica - Assistant Coordinator

Family Life Divisional Supervisors

Julius Molo - Supervisor, Bui Division
Bantar Edwin - Supervisor, Donga-Matung Division

Family Farm Schools

Rev. Divine Fossoh Esua, S.D. - Coordinator

Kumbo-Limburg Diocesan Partnership Office

Email: partnershipkumbo@gmail.com
Rev. Francline J. Banadzem, S.D. - Coordinator
Tohtin Eucharia Shiynuy - Secretary

Pontifical Mission Societies

Rev. Oliver Shey Ndi, S.D. - Director


Njang Mirable
Selamo Brenda Kisife

Diocesan Health Coordination Office

Email: healthserviceskumbo@gmail.com
Sr. Anastasia Ojong, H.H.C.J. - Coordinator
Yuka Brendaline - Assistant Coordinator
Rev. Eugene D. Ngah, S.D. - Chaplain
Nkegni jecinta - Secretary
Kongnso Claris - Pharmacy Manager
Sr. Grace Effiong, H.H.C.J. - Finance Controller, Bursar

Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province Health Assistance (BEPHA: Kumbo Diocesan Office)

Phone: (+237) 6-9318-5485 (+237) 6-7592-8920 (+237) 2-3300-7568
Email: bephakd@yahoo.com
Website: www.bepha.org
Sr Felicia Ekpenyong, HHCJ - Coordinator
Sr. Martha Izundu, H.H.C.J.- Bursar, Secretary
Lendzemo Quintina - Accountant
Catherine Suiyee - Registration Officer
Eric Asenge - Data Operator

Diocesan Construction Department

Rev. Oliver Shey Ndi, S.D. - Project Supervisor
Joseph Bamenjo - Project Designer

Mechanical and Technical Training Centre (M.T.T.C.) Kumbo

Br. Joseph Esaw Morike, B.S.M. - Manager
Br. Julius Jam Abam, B.S.M. - Accountant, Store Keeper

Diocesan Biblical Apostolate Office

Rev. Cyprian Ferdzefer, S.D. - Coordinator
Ngong Vitalis Njobe - Promoter

Tribunal (Provincial)

All cases from the diocese are handled for now in the ecclesiastical Court of First Instance, Bamenda Judicial Vicar

Rev. Oliver Shey Ndi, S.D. - Notary
Rev. Joseph Ateh, S.D. - Defender of Bond
Rev. Aloysius Fondong, S.D.


Rev. Ernest Timchia, S.D.
Rev. Joseph Clifford Ndi, S.D.
Rev. Peter Paul Ibeagha, S.D.
Rev. Joseph Tanka, S.D.
Rev. Derek Che Cho, S.D.