In order to better carry out the work of evangelisation according to the directives and recommendations of the African Synod as contained in the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Ecclesia in Africa, the Bishops of the Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province issued a Provincial Pastoral Plan which is implemented in the Diocese. According to this Pastoral Plan, the different aspects of the work of evangelisation are taken care of by commissions. These commissions are organized at various levels from the grassroots to the diocesan or provincial level, with the corresponding pastoral councils. There are equally offices at each level to see to it that the commissions work properly.

The following are the commissions, with the presidents and secretaries at the diocesan level.

Action and Prayer Groups Commission

Chairperson: Bongasumo Cyprian Secretary: Bernadette Tarla

Biblical Apostolate Commission

Chairperson: Bawe Charles
Secretary: Yaa Joan Lenjo

Catechetical Commission

Chairperson: Samuel Ngange Shai
Secretary: Mary-Nives Kininven

Dialogue Commission

Chairperson: Hermina Mukar Secretary: Ernest Ndi

Ecclesiastical Movements and New Communities Commission

Chairperson: Nkefon Celestina

Education Commission

Chairperson: Chia Alphonsus Secretary: Ngo Stanislaus M

Family Life Apostolate Commission

Chairperson: Paul & Lawrenda Tanka Secretary: Thomas & Jeroline Dzerla

Finance Apostolate Commission

Chairperson: Chuoala Cecilia Secretary: Vinsam Christian

Health Apostolate Commission

Chairperson: Nfor Fabian Secretary: Fru Immaculate

Inculturation Commission

Chairperson: Kanjo Susan Yentoh

Justice and Peace Commission

Chairperson: Christopher Bello Secretary: Veronica Banadzem

Liturgy Commission

Chairperson: Suika Victor
Secretary: Elfrida Kinyuy

Men’s Affairs Commission

Chairperson: Edwin Banfegha Secretary: FonyuyNsairun Derek

Social Communications Commission

Secretary: Emmanuel Fondzenyuy

Social Welfare Commission

Chairperson: Bunila Jude
Secretary: Nfor Gideon

Vocations Commission

Chairperson: Tangwa Paul
Secretary: Shiyla Aloysius

Women’s Affairs Commission

Chairperson: Evangeline Awiyabanka

Youth Apostolate Commission

Chairperson: Tangem Justin Secretary: Jackline Wiylahnyuy

Executive of the Diocesan Pastoral Council

Elected from the Pastoral commissions at Diocesan Level Chairperson Alphonsus Chia Vice Chairperson Felicia Ngala Secretary Emmanuel Fondzenyuy Vice Secretary Joseph Fonyuy Finance Chairperson Cecilia Chuoala Finance Secretary Christian Vinsam