Kumbo Diocese

Saint Joseph the Worker Parish Djottin


P.O. Box 14 Kumbo
Bui Division
North West Region, Cameroon

Phone: (+237) 6-6445-0062

Email: dioecesiskumboensis@gmail.com
Telephone: (237)233221149


Erected: 8 Nov 1938

Kumbo Cathedral
Parish Priest

Rev. Cyprian Ferdzefer, S.D.

Parochial Vicar
P.P.C. Chairperson

Nfonka Ignatius

P.L.C. Chairperson
Diocese of Kumbo

Living the Faith

Mission Stations

St. Joseph the Husband of Mary’s Mission, Jow-Djottin

Achuo Chrysanthus Catechist
Mary Yenla Catechist
Brunhilda Bolene M.P.C. Chairperson

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception’s Mission, Nyawu

Elizabeth Ngwang Catechist
Yumuh Hycentha Catechist
Clothilda Nforya M.P.C. Chairperson

St. Francis of Assisi’s Mission, Bandiv

Anna Ngam Catechist
Oliver Tansi M.P.C. Chairperson

St. Alphonsus of Liguori’s Mission, Meyessi

Jeanette Kisam Catechist
Christopher Lavsamba M.P.C. Chairperson

St. Regina’s Mission, Mbayam

Evelyne Kishie Catechist
Judith Lavbee M.P.C. Chairperson

St. William’s Mission, Chieti

Veronica Wambo Catechist
Judith Viwiyi Catechist
Nfonka Ignatius M.P.C. Chairperson

St. Andrew’s Mission, Sangnyar

Catherine Fola Catechist
George Tatah M.P.C. Chairperson

St. Peter’s Mission, Mbiim

Maika Bernadette Catechist
Evelyne Yilareng M.P.C. Chairperson

St. Imelda of Lambertini’s Mission, Mbinkun

Paschal Ngeh Catechist
Tavnjong Joseph M.P.C. Chairperson

St. Euphresia’s Mission, Sar Way Mbiim

Lamnyuy Victorine Catechist
Euphresia Ngoran M.P.C. Chairperson

St. Agnes’s Mission, Kom

Raymonise Yenla Catechist
Ernestine Kiiye M.P.C. Chairperson

St. Elizabeth of Hungary’s Mission, Basse

Emmanuella Leinyuy Catechist
Joseph Njodzeka M.P.C. Chairperson

St. Dominic’s Mission, Lafele

Celine Kongla Catechist
Judith Kwaw M.P.C. Chairperson

St. Patrick’s Mission, Gaggi

Rosemary Ngonsai Catechist

St. Judith’s Mission, Bale

Christina Kichuise Catechist
Francis Nsah M.P.C. Chairperson

Presentation of the Lord Mission, Nkfumene

Catherine Nkarnsai Catechist

St. Therese of the Child Jesus Mission, Ngeptang

Samuel Ndi Catechist
Justina Ngong Catechist
Fabian Ndichia M.P.C. Chairperson

St. John the Baptist’s Mission, Bawe

Vivian Kiche Catechist
Peter Fale M.P.C. Chairperson

St. William of Vercelli’s Mission, Kinkessi

Juliette Mangan Catechist
Leonard Laban M.P.C. Chairperson

Sts Peter and Paul’s Mission, Bamti

Leo Bongkiyung Catechist
Crescentia Nyanyoh Catechist
Fai Paul Lainjo M.P.C. Chairperson

St. Thomas Aquinas’ Mission, Shiew

Wilfred Dom Catechist
Nfor Philip M.P.C. Chairperson

St. Matthias the Apostle’s Mission, Fibweh

Bisherine Chuyum Catechist

St. Stephen’s Mission, Nkali Din

Grace Bongfen Catechist
Peter Kiven Fai M.P.C. Chairperson

St. Charles Lwanga’s Mission, Ngai

Grace Bongfen Catechist
Grace Jumsi M.P.C. Chairperson

St. Agapitus I’s Mission, Diwili

Leonard Nshom Catechist
Francis M.P.C. Chairperson

Cha/Ciao Mission

St. Charles Lwanga’s Mission, Ngai

Grace Bongfen Catechist
Grace Jumsi M.P.C. Chairperson

Institutes/Societies of Consecrated/Apostolic Life

Tertiary Sisters of Saint Francis (T.S.S.F.)

Educational Facilities

4 Parish Nursery and Primary Schools

1 Catholic Secondary and High School

1 Catholic Secondary and High School

1 Centre of Vocational Training

3 Baptist Nursery and Primary Schools

1 Islamic Nursery and Primary School

16 Government Nursery and Primary Schools

6 Government Secondary and (1) High Schools

Health Facilities

Holy Family medicalised Health Centre, Djottin

Catholic Health Centre, Bamti

Catholic Health Centre, Bamti

Catholic Health Centre, Mbiim

Baptist Health Centre, Ngeptang

Baptist Health Post, Chiangfu - Djottin

Catholic Diocese of Kumbo

The Catholic Diocese of Kumbo (Latin: Dioecesis Kumboensis) in the Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda, Cameroon, was erected by Pope St John Paul II on Thursday, 18 March 1982, with territory taken from the then Diocese (now Archdiocese) of Bamenda. It is a diocese of the Roman rite of the Catholic Church. It is a suffragan diocese of the Metropolitan See of Bamenda along with the Catholic Dioceses of Buea, Mamfe and Kumba.


Most Rev. Msgr. George Nkuo, Bishop of Kumbo.