Kumbo Diocese

Sacred Heart Pastoral Zone, Wainamah


P.O. Box 115 Kumbo
Bui Division
North West Region, Cameroon

Email: dioecesiskumboensis@gmail.com
Telephone: (237)233221149


Erected: 1 July 2018

Kumbo Cathedral
Priest in Charge

Rev. Cyprian Obioha, C.F.I.C.

Deacon (Transitional)

Rev. Mr. Ernest Sumvi Zuzu, C.F.I.C.

P.P.C. Chairperson

Ngah Agnes Berinyuy

P.L.C. Chairperson
Diocese of Kumbo

Living the Faith

Mission Stations

Sacred Heart Mission, Wainamah

Bamnjo Henry Catechist
Shey Oliver Mdor M.P.C. Chairperson

St Theresia’s Mission, Ntseimbang

Fai John Dzelamonyuy Catechist
Esther Leinyuy M.P.C. Chairperson

St Michael’s Mission, Limbo

Boniface Chin Catechist
Oliver Kwala M.P.C. Chairperson

St William’s Mission, Ntoti

George Banadzem Catechist
Eunice M.P.C. Chairperson

St Paul’s Mission, Ndzerem Nyam

Tata Emma Bongnavti Catechist
Fanka Joseph Catechist

St John’s Mission, Sarkong

Ivoline Mbongioh Catechist
Sylvia M.P.C. Chairperson

St Francis’ Mission, Takwa

Tata Grace Catechist
Rose Jaff M.P.C. Chairperson

St Elizabeth Mission, Mbiami

St Perpetua’s Mission, Mbohjong

Anna Kiven Catechist

St John of the Cross’ Mission,

Nsan Mora Catechist

Institutes/Societies of Consecrated/Apostolic Life

Sons of the Immaculate Conception (C.F.I.C)

Educational Facilities

1 Parish Nursery and Primary School

1 Presbyterian Primary School

1 Baptist Primary School

2 Islamic Primary Schools

2 Government Nursery and Primary School

2 Government Secondary and (1) High Schools

Health Facilities

Sacred Heart Community Health Centre, Wainamah

Government Health Centre, Kwanso

Catholic Diocese of Kumbo

The Catholic Diocese of Kumbo (Latin: Dioecesis Kumboensis) in the Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda, Cameroon, was erected by Pope St John Paul II on Thursday, 18 March 1982, with territory taken from the then Diocese (now Archdiocese) of Bamenda. It is a diocese of the Roman rite of the Catholic Church. It is a suffragan diocese of the Metropolitan See of Bamenda along with the Catholic Dioceses of Buea, Mamfe and Kumba.


Most Rev. Msgr. George Nkuo, Bishop of Kumbo.