Take Heart, it is I; do not be Afraid (Matthew 14:27)

Dear brothers and sisters, here we are at the beginning of another pastoral year and still in the heat of the socio-political crisis that has only continued to degenerate. I invite you all, that together with courage, hope and faith, we open our hearts to these words of Jesus: Take Heart, it is I; do not be Afraid (Matthew 14:27).

It is the same voice that came to the disciples when they were in the midst of a storm and were overwhelmed by fear. Because of the crisis that has continued to worsen by the day, with no hope for school for our kids, with a lot of uncertainty and insecurity for all; kidnappings, torture and periods of shutdown, most of our people in the Diocese of Kumbo have sought refuge elsewhere out of the troubled zone. We pray God be with them and keep them safe. For us all, especially those on the ground, we must continue to hold on to the Truth that is Jesus Christ, even at the risk of our lives. He is the only way out, and the Truth that will liberate us (see John 8:32).

In the meantime, as the storms of this socio-political crisis continue to batter us; as the trials of life continue to increase, let us pay more and more attention to that voice of Jesus calling out to us: Take Heart, it is I; do not be Afraid. He calls and invites each one and all of us to a convinced faith, a faith that helps us see beyond these difficult times; a faith that helps us see beyond our sufferings, uncertainty, insecurity, and beyond our fears so that we can find that blessed assurance, that courage and peace, that only Jesus can offer us.

We continue to pray, through the intercession of Our Lady, Queen of Peace, Refuge of Sinners, and Comfort of the Afflicted, for an end to this crisis. With a lot of hope, I wish each one of us a fruitful spiritual journey and pastoral year 2019/2020.

Yours devotedly in Christ

+George Nkuo

Bishop of Kumbo

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