This was the theme of the homily of Msgr. George Nkuo of Kumbo Diocese during the celebration of this year’s Chrism Mass on May 28th, 2020 at St. Theresa Cathedral Kumbo. Present were Priests, Religious and laity mainly from three out of six deaneries of Kumbo Diocese: NKar, Tatum, and Kumbo Deaneries. Also present were members of the CWA, CMA, Sacred of Jesus Association, and the Women of the Exaltation of the Cross, Chong. The Bishop noted in his homily that the priest of Kumbo, today, is supposed to be a man of hope to his people and to the Church given that the diocese has been suffered the bitter effects of the crisis and now is threatened by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Bishop also gave permission for daily Masses to begin in all parishes and chapels all over the Diocese. He underlined that he gives this permission trusting in the people’s deep sense of respect for the norms given by the medical personnel and the state. In addition, he wished a happy anniversary to those celebrating Jubilees or special moments in their ministry. The priest, in the Bishop’s homily, is an agent of hope, not a cheap political activist, focusing on the essential. He left a question for reflection for all priests: Who am I? Am I a priest? He ended by asking that the people pray for their Priests and for him too

The offertory procession with gifts in kind was led by NKar Parish as other parishes and groups joined the queue to offer their gifts to the Church in support of the Bishop’s Pastoral Ministry.
The singing was beautifully animated by a choir from St.Jude’s Parish Mbve.

The Mass ended at 11:20 a.m with final blessings.

The reinstitution of daily Masses in the Diocese is a welcomed decision given that daily Masses had been suspended all over the Diocese since Easter Sunday. It is hoped that many more Christians who might have been lax in their faith due to the absence of daily Masses will resume.

Although the number of those present at the Mass were not as many as before, the celebration still had a glimpse of its usual pomp especially through the smiling faces of the priests and the joy that filled the atmosphere even after the celebration.


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