Day of Consecrated Life celebrated in Kumbo Diocese for two days(14-15 February 2020).

Day of Consecrated Life celebrated in Kumbo Diocese for two days(14-15 February 2020).

Day of Consecrated Life celebrated in Kumbo Diocese for two days(14-15 February 2020).


Says Bishop George Nkuo speaking at this year’s Day of Consecrated Life celebrated in Kumbo Diocese for two days(14-15 February 2020). But the peak of the ceremonies was on the last day. Holy Mass started at 9:21 a.m on Saturday 15 February 2020 with Msgr. George Nkuo, Bishop of Kumbo as the main celebrant. His Eminence Christian Cardinal Tumi was also present and a host of priests(Religious and Diocesan) Concelebranted. The Kumbo Cathedral was half full mainly with members of the consecrated life serving in Kumbo Diocese. Fr. Fabrice Seka coordinated the choir from Mbve Parish.

Homily by Bishop George: “to be consecrated today is to be cut from worldly things to totally belong to God. Christ sends us out as he sent out his apostles, in pairs, that we go out in utter simplicity, with hearts full of ready generosity in a world that rejects even God. Such is the ‘mission impossible’ we come to celebrate today and so we thank God for the gift of consecrated life especially in our Diocese.” Also, the Bishop thanked the Religious communities that have stood the test of the cruel crisis and suffering in our country and especially for the service they give the people for such is true witnessing to God’s love and the vows they made at their Religious profession. The bishop also noted quoting from Pope Francis said that Religious men and women are called to be people of hope.

The decor of the cathedral was beautiful as about 18 Institutes of Consecrated Life answered present in their official attire for the celebration. Members of the Catholic Women Association CWA, as well as the Women of the Exultation of the Cross- Chong, the Catholic Men Association and the youths also participated at the Mass, to pray and to thank God for the work of the Religious in the Diocese.

Before the Final Blessing, there was the award of prizes and trophies for the sporting activities that took place the day before. The football match, beating the Female Religious versus the CWA saw the Female Religious as winners. In the men’s lain, the Diocesan Clergy defeated the Religious Clergy in a football encounter. This was an initiate and an activity encouraged by most other participants.

Also, some young minor Seminarians and a young little girl, dressed as Bishop, an OFM Cap Friar and a Sister of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, respectively, in a short ceremony presented their wish to the Bishop and the laity saying inter alia that they hope all work for the growth of the local Church in Kumbo with joy and perseverance even in the heat of the crisis.

The Chairperson of the laity council, Mrs. Selamo Brenda Kisife, expressed thanks to the religious for their active participation and in the lives of the people, they serve in the different parishes, pastoral zones, and services.

Br. Felix Afoni, OFM Cap, President of the Conference of Religious in the Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda, Kumbo branch, also thanked all present while reminding the Religious once more of the purpose of the Celebration of the World Day of Consecrated Life. He promised, on behalf of the Religious, more collaboration and support in the mission of the Church in Kumbo.

The Bishop and Cardinal gave final blessings and Mass ended at 12:04 p.m

There were activities after Mass in the hall, where the Religious presented dramas, dances, fashion parades, etc. Then they all moved up to the Bishop’s house for a feast with the Bishop and Clergy.

All left happily and comforted looking forward in hope for better Celebrations in the years ahead. 

Leonard Zifac



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